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How to setup your managed Event Streaming service

  1. Open Managed Services:

  2. Add a Event Streaming Service.

  3. Configure your Managed Event Streaming service through our installation wizzard.

3.1. Name

Give a name to your service. This name will be used to identify your cluster in the overview.

3.2. Kafka clusters

The amount of Kafka instances in your clusters. The minimum amount of dedicated Kafka instances is 3 to enable a high availability setup. Depending on the amount of Kafka instances you choose here, we create up to 5 Zookeeper instances.

3.3. Kafka space

The amount of available disk space for each Kafka instance to persist data in GiB.

3.4. Kafka memory

The amount of RAM per Kafka instance to match the performance you need in GiB.

3.5. Default Replication Factor

The Replication Factor for each topic you create when calling the Kafka cluster. We recommend to set this factor to at least 3, so that you do not suffer data loss.

3.6 Data Throughput

Data throughput refers to the amount of data a system or process can handle in a specific time period. This refers to your personal needs for your kafka cluster.

Based on your configuration, we calculate the needed cluster size and loadbalancer settings.

  1. Cost overview

Before you move forward with Stripe, an estimation will be provided detailing the potential costs associated with your server. This ensures you have a clear understanding of the financial implications, helping you make an informed decision about proceeding.

  1. Stripe

Enter your credit information which will then be processed by Stripe. Enter your valid personal information and Stripe will manage the rest. After your purchase is complete, your cluster will be spinned up in a couple of minutes.